Family Winter Camp 2018
Get Real: Finding your true self in Jesus

With the Nativity/Theophany season and a very entertaining Saint Sava Day children's program already passed, the next big event in the Sunday school year had arrived: Family Winter Camp! Students and parents gathered at the Cathedral with Fr. Nick, Fr. Norman, and Jonny Braun on Friday, February 9, 2018, for games, appetizers, pizza and salad, and s'mores fresh from the fire pit out on the basketball court. When the meal was done, everyone prayed in the church for a safe and enjoyable weekend in Wrightwood, and then exiting the church we venerated the holy relics of Saint Sebastian of Jackson & San Francisco. Once again it was “destination Wrightwood” but this year it was at a different camp facility, though that wouldn't matter because we were still breathing the same fresh, mountain air that was about twenty-five degrees cooler than Los Angeles. The theme for 2018 was “Get Real: Finding Your True Self in Jesus,” and along with delicious home-made meals, worship services, games, arts & crafts, a group hike with an inspiring view of the valley below camp, and a talent show that will be hard to beat next year, was a great discussion and music class with all campers, parents and kids together, that helped us understand that when Jesus says “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life,” it's His truth – the only truth – that provides the way for us to know ourselves because He created us in the first place! He also created the beautiful mountains we've been blessed to travel to and enjoy every winter, including this one, so we can add to the special memories we've made with other Sunday school families, including these ones.