The Krsna Slava
of our Women's Auxiliary is
the Feast of the
Mother of Saint Sava
and Saint Steven,
Saint Anastasia

  Slava Celebration -
The Feast of St. Anastasia

About our Women's Auxiliary
There are none at Saint Steven's who have not been touched by the sweet charity of the ladies of the Women's Auxiliary.  This gathering of wives and mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers, whose zeal and perseverance have contributed so much to the Cathedral's success, has given its steadfast support to all our endeavors. 

Women's Auxiliary Catering Committee
If you are planning a wedding reception or other party at the Cathedral, you can contact our Women's Auxiliary's Catering Committee to prepare your reception.

If you would like to become a member of the Saint Steven's Women's Auxiliary, please mail your request for a membership application form to the address below.

Contact Information
Saint Steven's Women's Auxiliary
1621 West Garvey Avenue
Alhambra, California 91803
Cathedral Office: 626.284.9100


More about us...

In addition to the regular weekly Sunday luncheons, the Auxiliary prepares the meals for all the holidays celebrated at the Cathedral. These include Badnje Vece (Christmas Eve), Savindan, Easter, Vidovdan, and Saint Steven's Day.

July 5th marks the Slava of the Women's Auxiliary -- Saint Anastasia. Saint Anastasia is the Mother of Saint Sava and our Cathedral's patron saint, Saint Steven - Simon the Monk.

The Catering Committee, an organization within the Women's Auxiliary, consists of a group of dedicated members who prepare the meals for weddings and other special occasions throughout the year.

The Women's Auxiliary has more then 80 members in its roster. However, due to age and illness, many of them can no longer be active. We keep in touch with these members and always let them know that the standard of excellence they established many years ago continues to this day. All of our active members participate by volunteering their time and talents to continue the good work of our Women's Auxiliary.